What is Philosophy? | Jeanet Maduro de Polanco

The basis of Philosophy is to question everything. The word literally means a love of wisdom. People who study this subject do so because they are instinctively fascinated with knowledge about the universe, themselves, and their role in their connection to the universe. The discipline of Philosophy welcomes all questions, no matter how abstract or generalized.Continue reading “What is Philosophy? | Jeanet Maduro de Polanco”

The History of Christmas | Jeanet Maduro de Polanco

No matter how you celebrate, Christmas is a time of bringing family together, celebrating the joys of the season, and honoring traditions. Some traditions are religious and sacred while others are more cultural in nature. For Christians, Christmas marks the anniversary of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. He was believed to be the incarnation of God andContinue reading “The History of Christmas | Jeanet Maduro de Polanco”

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