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Jeanet Maduro de Polanco – historian and author

Jeanet Maduro de Polanco is a career acadmic who has developed a firm love for the ways that history continues to affect, inspire, and change our understanding of the modern world. As a native to Italy, she has grown up surrounded by some of the greatest historical monuments and art pieces known to man. She has studied history since she was a young girl, and continues to find new ways to share her love of the study with others. As a historical non-fictino author, she has found a way to both share her passions, as well as re-think and re-state the importance of a variety of historical figures, both in her nation and beyond.

Jeanet Maduro de Polanco possesses a dual Bachelor’s in History and the Classics. Shortly after graduating university with her undergraduate degree, she pursued her Master’s in History and has since been working towards her Ph.D. Along the way, she developed an appreciation for philosophy—the beliefs rooted in humanity and history—which turned into a new obsession.